Business Compass

A unique reference book to navigate in the Islamic Economy through 500 talented individuals.


Because the Islamic Economy consists of Muslims and non-Muslims, the ISLAMICA 500 include them both, as well as men and women from different sectors, markets and nationalities.

Recognition Of Pioneers

The book recognizes consistent quality performance and efforts of individuals in a variety of sectors and countries; It provides a great visibility to expose their achievements

Unique Networking Event

The ISLAMICA 500 will bring together during a private event a tantalising mixture from the world’s most prominent leaders of the industry and other professionals.

Exclusive Knowledge

The Guide includes precious data on:

Business leaders, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Scholars and Advisors, Academics and Journalists and Outsiders.

Independent Economic Guide

The ISLAMICA 500 is powered by ISFIN, the world’s leading advisory for Islamic markets. This WHO’S WHO guide is totally independent, multidisciplinary and market-driven.