500 Global Leaders of the Islamic Economy


Published annually, the ISLAMICA 500 is a business guide providing hard-to-find biographical details for 500 of the world’s most prominent and influential personalities in the Islamic world and economy.

Because the Islamic economy is multi-sectorial and global, the ISLAMICA 500 focuses on personalities from different sectors, markets and nationalities. Thus, this worldwide guide lists the leading figures from the worlds of industry, finance, science, business, politics, international affairs, law, and media. All areas that influence the Islamic Economy.

On October 10th, the edition 2017 of the ISLAMICA 500 was launched during a Private Reception held in Dubai.


“The launch of the maiden edition of the Islamica 500 at the World Islamic Economic Forum in Kuala Lumpur in 2015 was indeed an important moment. It was also an opportune time to have a Who’s Who in the Muslim business world as it is a guide book that will provide us with information and contacts of influential personalities and prominent business leaders that are shaping the Islamic economy and markets. Connectivity is key to sustainable economic growth (..)It is certainly an honour to be given the privilege to write the foreword for the third edition of the Islamica 500, and to be listed among the leading personalities from the various sectors of the Islamic business world, too.

I hope this directory adds significant value to continue building bridges to the global market.”

Tun Musa Hitam


World Islamic Economic Forum Foundation


The ISLAMICA 500 is a premier independent instrument to assess the Islamic economy. The global leaders recognized in the ISLAMICA 500 witness a variety of profiles and industries showing the diversity of the achievements made at a global scale, beyond gender, nationality, religion, sectors.

From CEOs with global thought vision to hard working professionals with concrete achievements, the ISLAMICA 500 is a unique window to the best of what the Islamic economy can offer. Our research team assesses all year long the most innovative, creative and solid achievers.
The Guide receives year after year a growing recognition from media around the world and the support of solid partners. It has become THE reference of the industry.

The ISLAMICA 500 is the source of information to connect with the Global leaders of the Islamic economy.




At a time when many markets are reaching a saturation point, the Muslims comprise one of the fastest growing markets in the world and offer a major growth opportunity for businesses around the world. The market for Halal or Shariah-compliant products and services will soon total $3 trillion annually. Every month, new economic players are tapping in this emerging segment with rebranded or tailored products.

The Islamic economy is a sophisticated market. Tapping in that sector requires a fine understanding of its components, risks and opportunities. To address the Muslim consumer, a company will evaluate if it needs to reconfigure its production or simply its branding, if a halal certification is required, if there will be an impact on the supply chain and/or the marketing, which particular country market is appealing to its products, how to handle local distributors, etc…

It would be a lack of corporate leadership not to look at the Islamic markets or the Muslim segment which encompass one consumer out of five in the world.

However, tapping into the Muslim segment requires that you master both the right context and contacts.

The ISLAMICA 500 offers a specific idea of the sophistication of the Islamic economy and the people you ought to know and talk to.

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Business Compass

A unique reference book to navigate in the Islamic Economy through 500 talented individuals.


Because the Islamic Economy consists of Muslims and non-Muslims, the ISLAMICA 500 include them both, as well as men and women from different sectors, markets and nationalities.

Recognition Of Pioneers

The book recognizes consistent quality performance and efforts of individuals in a variety of sectors and countries; It provides a great visibility to expose their achievements

Unique Networking Event

The ISLAMICA 500 will bring together during a private event a tantalising mixture from the world’s most prominent leaders of the industry and other professionals.

Exclusive Knowledge

The Guide includes precious data on:

Business leaders, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Scholars and Advisors, Academics and Journalists and Outsiders.

Independent Economic Guide

The ISLAMICA 500 is powered by ISFIN, the world’s leading advisory for Islamic markets. This WHO’S WHO guide is totally independent, multidisciplinary and market-driven.


The ISLAMICA 500 is a WHO’S WHO of the movers and shakers of the Islamic economy. The guide is launched during a private reception hold annually in an emerging city and is gathering the crème-de-la-crème of the industry. 

The ISLAMICA 500 Award Event is:
– Organized during the last semester of the year in the Middle-East, Asia or Africa
– As the kick-off evening of one of the largest conferences of the Islamic Economy
– Official release of the new edition of the annual Guide
– Lists the TOP 50 Global Leaders of the Islamic Economy out of the 500 selected personalities in the guide
– Remits awards to selected individuals for each Halal category
– Invites a Disruptive panel of experts giving the guidelines for the year to come
– Networking dinner with the decision-makers
– Exhibits the know-how of the best suppliers in the industry
– Includes a global Media coverage


100.000 participants
KL, Malaysia

London Muslim Lifestyle Show
20.000 participants London, UK

International Travel Week
10.000 participants
Abu Dhabi, UAE

8.000 participants Dubai, UAE

4.000 participants Manama, Bahrain

World Islamic Economic Forum
25.000 participants
KL, Malaysia

For the first time, the ISLAMICA 500 has dedicated this 14th April a première for its UK-Laureates and will announce the future release of an Exclusive Publication: the SHARIA100, a compass in the world of Shariah scholars.

Some countries provided more ISLAMICA 500 laureates than others. Among these special countries is the UK. Therefore, ISFIN decided to organise an evening to give all the ISLAMICA 500 laureates who live in the UK the credit they deserve.












ISLAMICA 500 is a publication of the ISFIN Institute, the Academic & Training subsidiary of ISFIN. ISFIN is the World’s leading advisory for Islamic markets. As an independent consultancy firm, ISFIN operates in 75 countries across the 5 continents. http://www.isfin.net

The Publisher

“The ISLAMICA 500 is an independent instrument to assess the dynamics of the Islamic economy. The global leaders recognized in the ISLAMICA 500 witness a variety of profiles and industries showing the diversity of the achievements made at a global scale, beyond gender, nationality, religion, sectors.” Prof. Laurent Marlière Publisher of the ISLAMICA 500

Editorial Team includes

Mounia Filali Maarouf, Ben Hari, Florent Gozzi, Halim Abourachid, Zineb Bensaid, Omar Elmotawakkel, Allaa Ridouan, Ilham Kabbouri, Ihssane Bouhyaoui, Dorian Nève de Mevergnies, Malek Ettih, Imane Bouatour, Laurent Marliere, Hinde Ferkous, Anis Ben Alaya, Kevin Likaj, Fadoua Jebli, Nawfel El Abbassy, Vittorio Nigrelli.


Our research is based on the work of highly qualified consultants and peer-to-peer review. Criteria to select the personalities include:

  • Innovation
  • Substance
  • Ethics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Global or international impact
  • Sustainability & Long-term projects
  • Multi-sector approach

Players in the Islamic economy may nominate professionals that have been instrumental in:

  • changing or forming opinions within their company or the industry
  • developing brilliant technical or commercial solutions to complex issues
  • creating innovative structures to ensure that the halal function is driving the business forward
  • providing a working business model to Islamic markets that others should follow

Our team of experienced researchers will assess the nominations. The final editorial will feature not just information on why that individual has made the list, but also comments from peers. Submit a profile to editor@islamica500.com

You have made it to the list. As a leader we understand that your career path evolves rapidly. The Islamica 500 is a unique reference for the industry and for executive search professionals. Our editorial team wishes to provide the latest information. Please submit any relevant change to your profile to the editor: editor@islamica500.com

For further information about sponsorship or media partnership opportunities, you can get in touch with Mrs Zineb Bensaid, head of sponsorships, on zb@isfin.net


Media and sponsorship:

Zineb Bensaid
+32 483 35 95 15

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